Architectural competition - Kinglake Victoria, Australia shortlisted entry


An international architectural ideas competition launched in response to the ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires which ravaged Victoria in January 2009.

The organisers called on entrants from around the world to conceptualise a design for a house using as its foundation a pre-existing, small prefabricated living module. The living module could be placed on the site of a lost home, making for instant accommodation for the affected resident & providing a starting point for the construction of a new home.

As a former Kinglake resident this competition held close to my heart. The solution I put forth with this entry was to form the new home through the addition & arrangement of other prefabricated modules similar in nature to the original, thus completely integrate the original module into the final built structure.

Even though this project was conceived & produced in less than 24 hours & ultimately submitted incomplete, it succeeded in being selected amongst the final 7 short- listed entries.